Teach “O” Rea Preparatory Preschool Tutoring Program

The proposed tutoring program, is intended to allow Kindergarten  thru  7th  grade students to provide school

tutoring for children in preparation for their school state test.


The success of tutoring for both tutors and tutees is likely dependent on instructional methods such as frequent opportunities to respond, increased time on task, and consistent and immediate feedback.  Both the tutor and tutees benefit from the experience not only academically, but also enhances both students self-esteem. Researched has demonstrated that tutoring is an example of an evidenced-based alternative to grade retention for low achieving students.   

How Tutoring Benefits Tutees:

Tutoring will enable tutees to:

  • Be provided individualized attention provided outside of the class time.

  • Improve their levels of self-confidence.

  • To accelerate their academic performance and retention of material.

  • Further develop their social skills and self-advocacy.

  • Improve English language skills for ESL students.