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Diverse Learning Environments

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  The Infant program at Teach “O” Rea Preparatory Preschool provides a warm, nurturing environment where your baby can grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity! Teach “O” Rea Preparatory Preschool promotes an individualized schedule to meet the needs of your baby in a soothing, welcoming classroom environment. Your baby’s qualified child development professionals will focus on creating experiences and opportunities that invite exploration and support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child’s first year.


     Teach “O” Rea Preparatory Preschool supports socialization among your child’s peers to achieve the first milestones in a child’s life! We promote socialized eating habits among the classroom environment. Through quarterly observations, we will provide your family with supportive documentation to promote consistency and communication regarding your baby’s development. We encourage families to provide your baby’s individualized routine, including feeding, nap time, and diaper changes to assimilate in the classroom setting. At the conclusion of your baby’s day at Teach “O” Rea Preparatory Preschool, a detailed daily schedule will be provided for all feedings, diapers changes, nap times, etc. to support direct parent/teacher communication.

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Toddlers & 2 Year Olds

The Toddler program provides an environment that allows them to move freely and achieve mastery of their bodies through self-initiated movement. They have multiple opportunities to practice emerging skills in coordination, movement, and balance as well as perceptual-motor integration.


The children follow a daily schedule guided by the curriculum that is predictable yet flexible to the individual needs of the children. The schedule provides time and support for transitions. The schedule also included indoor and outdoor experiences and is responsive to a child’s need to rest and to be active.


The curriculum guides teachers to incorporate content concepts and activities that foster social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development and that integrated key areas of content including literacy, mathematics, science , technology, creative expression and the arts, health and safety, and social studies.


The Two Classroom at Teach “O” Rea Preparatory Preschool Our two year program uses hands-on exploration and social interaction in safe, engaging surroundings to help your two year old learn about his or her expanding world.


Through the guidance of our early childhood development professionals, our two year students enjoy learning experiences that promote their blossoming independence and social skills, and foster self-confidence. As the two year old student prepare for the preschool classroom experience, we encourage and support potty training in correlation with your family’s needs. As your child begins to express interest, with a partnership with your family, we will include this in your child’s routine at Teach “O” Rea Preparatory Preschool Newsletter.

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Our Three Year program will prepare your child for life skills by introducing children to learning centers that encompass a wide range of activities. Our children will be introduced to math, language, reading, social and physical skills in a creative manner. In addition we will continue to work with children on their self-esteem and independence skills..

Milestones we focus on in Three Year program are as follows:

  • Be able to sort by shape, size and color

  • Understand cause and effect and begin to problem solve

  • Basic counting

  • Make predictions based on simple information

  • Recognize own name and other letters in print

  • Show a genuine interest in reading books with adults

  • Speak in front of a small group

  • Recall events from an activity

  • Artwork will become more refined and begin to look like symbols

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  • To provide a nurturing, engaging environment in which each child can develop to his or her fullest potential.

  • To provide an atmosphere where we can meet the developmental needs of each child-socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

  • Provide opportunities for children to develop confidence and a healthy self-concept.

  • Teach problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution.

  • Develop language skills in both listening and communicating.

  • Develop perceptual and motor skills by encouraging children to become active participants in their learning through their experience and exploration with many kinds of hands-on and interactive materials for fine motor and large motor development.

  • Encourage hygiene and self-help skills such as putting on and hanging up coats and proper hand-washing.

  • Encourage creativity and enjoyment through experiences with various art materials, music, building, and play.

  • Foster an excitement about school and a joy of learning.

School Age

Bright Beginnings strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for every students. To empower learner through mentoring, academic assistance, enrichment and recreational opportunities Our academic & summer programs goals are to:
  • provide academic assistance, enrichment and recreational opportunities to improve student skills;

  • provide a place where self-esteem is nurtured and supported as well as individual differences are respected;

  • develop an appreciation of our multi-cultural heritage;

  • teach children ways of solving conflicts;

  • provide positive, structures, adult supervision;

  • provide homework assistance;

  • provide opportunities to learn new skills;

  • facilitate communication among home and students.

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