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  At the Teach “O” Rea Preparatory Preschool, our primary mission is to provide quality early care and education to all our students. We make each child feel special by taking the time to understand their needs and provide the necessary opportunities to hone their skills. Continue browsing through our site or speak with one of our staff for more details about our preparatory preschool and the activities we offer. We hope to hear from you soon!


We wish to provide a quality program which will encompass social, educational, developmental and emotional growth for each child on as individual a basis as possible. We have qualified staff and equipment available to meet these objectives. We hope to prepare our children to meet the challengers of further education with confidence and enthusiasm.

  • Create a warm and stimulating learning environment

  • Help children develop a strong sense of competence and worth

  • Plan activities to meet the needs of each individual

  • Help each child understand his own rights and feeling as well as those of others

  • Guide the child in learning to share and make friends


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