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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Learning is the primary active process. At all ages, children need opportunities in order to construct their knowledge and understanding of the world and their place in it.Readiness in the areas of the math, reading science, language/arts and social studies is developed at the child's own pace through a combination of individual, small and large group interaction. Curriculum selected activities promote the development of problem solving listening, communication, and auditory visual discrimination. We encourage creativity, curiosity, self-direction and responsibility. As child care providers we aid and guide this individual development by the environment we provide, by the questions we ask by the goals we set or clarify, by the information we provide and by the behavior we model. Teachers, however, cannot accomplish learning for the child. The child must make the effort to change his/her physical movements or mental images to accomplish the task. We can show the way, but it is the child who must take the path.

Our Goals

We wish to provide a quality program which will encompass social, educational, developmental and emotional growth for each child on as individual a basis as possible. We have qualified staff and equipment available to meet these objectives. We hope to prepare our children to meet the challengers of further education with confidence and enthusiasm.

  • Create a warm and stimulating learning environment

  • Help children develop a strong sense of competence and worth

  • Plan activities to meet the needs of each individual

  • Help each child understand his own rights and feeling as well as those of others

  • Guide the child in learning to share and make friends

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